Virtual labs are the most advanced platform application simulators for physical laboratories available. Through more than 120 labs in Chemistry, physics, and Natural Science, students can interact with specific instruments and tools to complement their mastery of science concepts.

CloudLabs are developed around situations in real context that have access to intuitive resources mathematically modelled so that they behave as a real laboratory removing maintenance, supply, and replacement cost associated with the use of traditional labs.

Interactive Multimedia Educational Content along with 2D & 3D Multi-platform virtual lab simulators available for PC’s, Tablets, and Smartphones

Through CloudLabs multimedia content, 2D and 3D virtual simulators students:

  • Think critically, form hypotheses, collect and analyze data
  • Learn and practice scientific skills and processes
  • Acquire a broad knowledge of lab skills using field specific instruments
  • Apply scientific concepts to solve situations to real world scenarios
  • Receive immediate feedback on content assessments and lab reports

More than 120 labs available with or without internet

LMS integration

Individual reports